Let's Discuss The Development of New Mental Health and Homeless Recovery Protocols 


Questions We Intend To Answer




The answers  to the questions I share with you are based on my life experiences and are my personal opinions about the topics we discuss. The resources and information I share with you have had great impact on my own recovery process, and I share them because they have been beneficial to my quest for personal mastery.


If your life has been impacted by a high #ACEs score, I highly recommend

professional mental health care. 


For the faith aspect of your health care, I highly recommend that you

engage in consistent, personal Bible study  and regularly scheduled conversations with Jesus.




When you begin to take the reins of your own thinking lines, everyone and his brother will have an opinion about how you should be doing so... especially when it comes to the faith aspects of your thinking. 


In order to avoid unnecessary confusion and emotional turmoil, I highly recommend you read the Bible for yourself. 


My own mental health was deeply impacted by toxic religion, but the Spirit of God showed up as I read the stories that unveiled the answers I needed about faith , hope, and true love. 


I pray that your journey to emotional wholeness will be as exciting as mine has been, and I will be holding you in my prayers as I share my life adventures with you. 


Becoming homeless taught me that God is ABSOLUTELY GOOD, and I'm here to share the details of how He convinced me that...even during the time I had  no place to call home, He was working out His good plans for me, and that He loves me more than words can express!


Most people mean God when they say "Our Father," but for me, His name is "Papa."

I look forward to introducing you to Him as we journey through the adventures of what I call...  "God's Word to Me."